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Asin means pure or blemishless

TWO BIGGIES HITTING THE SCREEN - I am very excited about my films that are hitting the screens. Dasavathaaram with the legendary actor Kamal Haasan is definitely one of the biggest films ever in Tamil. The film will also be released in Telugu and Hindi. The music is already very popular. Another film is the Hindi remake of my Tamil hit Ghajini . I am very honoured to be debuting in Hindi with one of the topmost actors in Bollywood today, Aamir Khan. I am sure that all my fans will be very happy with both my films.
Message to my fans - My father is on my side ALWAYS ! Hi all. Recently I noticed a flurry of news being sent out regarding who helps me manage my work. I see that people have been talking about all sorts of things like my father quitting his work to take care of me, then him RESIGNING as my manager because he has too much work... in fact, a friend of mine told me that when she emailed a fan with the info that this is not true, that person rejected her message and said I told her all this myself !
This is all absolutely untrue! I urge you all to please NOT listen to rumours like this - My parents are my closest friends. At work, I trust no one else to manage my work, like I trust my father. Therefore he is and will be my manager for as long as I am in this industry !
Dear fans, I am proud to say that I am indeed Daddy's girl - he is my friend and confidante and helps me keep my schedules ( and sanity ) no matter how busy I am. Thanks for understanding !
I have moved out ! After months of living at the hotel Green Park in Chennai, Asin and her family have finally moved into a lovely home on Harrington Road in Chetpet, Chennai. Asin said that she and her dad were tired of living out of suitcases and wanted something more permanent and. well, like home. Her mother, Celine has also moved in from Kerala with them and the whole house has a warm and comforting atmosphere.
Asin said that the staff and management of Green Park have always been very helpful and professional, but it was great to have a home to live in !
A great start to my year ! 2005 was a great year for Asin, where each one of her Tamil movies was a hit and her hard work with her performances really paid off - so much so that almost every one of her movies has been slated for either dubbing or a remake in other languages! The year also saw a lot of Best Actress and special awards for this beautiful actress.
2006 too has started off beautifully for Asin, with her first huge endorsement of the year for Colgate - she will be a brand ambassador for what is probably the world's most well-known toothpaste (an apt product for the lady with the
lovely smile?). Other than this, Asin has also been announced as the face behind Parachute and Mirinda.
Here's wishing Asin a great year all year ! A message to all my fans !
Hi friends ! Thank you so much for your wonderful support - it keeps me going. Unfortunately, I also get a lot of emails from my fans, that are repeated over and over again ( sometimes I get the same message from the same fan over a 100 times ). it clogs my inbox and prevents others from sending me their emails! Since it already takes me a long time to go through all my emails ( I get over 900 emails a day!), and I would like to reply to all of you; I request you all to send me short, sweet and interesting emails ONCE ! J
I would like you all to go through my site to know all about me and tell me your thoughts - so please make your emails innovative and you have a better chance of getting a super-fast reply from me! J
And hey ! If you get an email from , it really IS me !
Awards for me !
2005 was a great year for me. with all my movies doing very well and a lot of people appreciating my work.Thanks to all my supporters! Here are the awards I won.
On January 1, 2006
MGR - Sivaji Awards: Best Actress 2005
United Artistes of India - Sirandha Nadigai Sirappu Virudhu ( special award for the best actress )
Tamilnadu Cinema Kalai Mandram - Sirandha Nadigai 2005
Bharath Cine Awards: Best Actress 2005
On December 31, 2005
Jaya TV awards: Best Actress 2005: A 5-sovereign gold medal
On December 24, 2005
Vijay TV awards - Best Actress 2005
Asin Wedding mall on Dec 3
Asin inaugurated the Kalanikethan Wedding Mall in Hyderabad on Dec 3. This mall is the first of its kind, with everything one needs for any kind of wedding - clothes, jewellery, salons, consultants, astrologers, caterers, you name it. The ravishing actress was there in all her splendour to inaugurate this mall that promised a unique shopping experience for anyone looking for that one-stop-shop for all wedding needs !
Asin Bio-data 
Name - Asin Thottumkal . Screen Name - Asin
Nick Name - Malabar Ahzagi, Tamil Ammayee
Date of Birth - 26 Oct 1985
Birth Place - Hyderabad
Height - 5’4”
Profession - Dancer, Stage compere, Actress, model, business woman
Nationality - Indian
Mother tongue - Malayalam
Languages - Can read, write and speak in Malayalam, Tamil and French. Can only speak Telugu.
Parents - Father: Joseph Thotumkal, former CBI officer
Mother - Dr.Shelin, Surgeon in Kerala Govt hospital
Education Schools - Naval public school,Cochin and St.Teresa's Hr.Sec.School
College: B.A.( literature ) from St.Teresa 's college, Cochin
Modeled:- in at least 60 advertisements
Entry into tamil films: Director Jeeva after seeing her in 'Aircel' advertisement invited her to act in his film 'Ullam Ketkume'
Debut - *Tamil: M.Kumaran, S/O Mahalakshmi
Malayalam - 'Narendran Magan Jayakanthan' directed by Sathyan Anthikad
Telugu - 'Amma, Naanna, O Tamil Ammayi'
Favourites: Singers - Balamurali Krishna, P.Susheela, Janet Jackson
Spots - all places in Kerala
Sport - Cricket
Attire - Jeans and Shirts
Farm house - owns Vagmon a lovely hill station in Kerala
Dam: A dam near her home is named as Asin dam
ASIN'S: Her company deals with anything from hospital equipments, software, furniture etc.
Desire: Likes to try her luck in the Civil service exams. Wants to prove that film people can also excel in academics.
Hates - Dishonesty
Respects - Nadiya for her simplicity
Loves - to gaze at the water
Singing - Harris Jayaraj had given her an opportunity to sing but she was not able to do because of her busy schedule.
Shopping - finishes all her shopping abroad and avoids at home
Plans - to export carved wood products
Never - Acts in a movie without hearing the story or knowing the strength of her character.
Does vulgar scenes or double meaning dialogues
Influential people - Her grandmother Mary, Mother Theresa and her mother.
Favourite food - Fresh water fish and Kerala rice
Hates - Smoking and smokers
Address - Marine drive, Kochi, Kerala
Awards - Won the 'best young entrepreneur' award when she was only 14 years old.
Best Actress, Filmfare award for the telugu film 'Amma, Naanna, O Tamil Ammayi'
Facts - She is a voracious reader.
At age four she created a record by dancing non-stop for four hours.
Asin means pure or blemishless
One of the songs for the film M.Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi was filmed in the farmhouse owned by her family.
Her father wanted to name her Mary after her grandmother.
She was not able to act in the film 'Shahjahan' with Vijay due to date problems.
Only child to her parents.
Comes from a very wealthy family.
Is a good bharata natyam and Kathakali dancer
Director Fazil wanted to introduce her first in malayalam films.
Aim - start a Bharatanatyam school in Kochi
- to publish her poems
- to improve her business
- to be a well known actress
सभी जानकारी साभार -  ( asin ) से । साइट अवलोकन के लिये क्लिक करें ।

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