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about me Tanuja Thakur

about me - This blog is of Tanuja Thakur, founder of  Upasana Hindu Dharmotthan Sansthan whom we lovingly address as “DIDI” , but she humbly prefers to be called as gurusevika ( servitor of her Sadguru His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale and His Mission )
Born and brought up in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand she presently stays In Godda. She basically hails from a tiny village called Lukluki in Godda district of  Jharkhand state in Bahrat ( India ).
Her constant quest for wisdom and spiritual upbringing by her parents and grand parents made her a voracious reader of scriptures, works of saints and philosophers from childhood as a prelude to her spiritual practice from the age of 19. Her grandmother a saintly lady had forecasted her future immediately when she was born saying “this soul will be guiding force for dharm in the coming times for millions and will leave the worldly  life at a young

age like Saint Tulsidas and has come on earth for a specific mission “. She shares the same janmtithi ( birth date ) as of  saint Tulsidas .
Being a topper in acedemics, while persuading her masters from Delhi University, she aspired to become an IAS officer with the sole aim of serving the society and making the motherland a better place to live in. But the audience with her Shreeguru, became a turning point in her life and she decided to take up His noble and divine mission of spreading the science underlying vedic sanatan dharma nationwide and then worldwide. She dedicated her life for the same and for that she left her lucrative business as an executive search consultant, dropped her quest for higher studies, renounced the householders life to pursue the spiritual journey as a full time spiritual practioner under the guidance of Guru, at the age of 27.
Due to her evolved and gifted sixth sense since childhood and due to the grace of her Shreeguru She has specialized in Para science.
She has remarkable powers to heal the seekers suffering from negative energy problems due to the

grace of Param Pujya Gurudev and her undeterred, consistent Sadhana (spiritual practice) resulting in her much evolved sixth sense. Hundreds of seekers all around the globe have started getting miraculous spiritual experiences due to her spiritual prowess when they just even come in touch with ‘didi’ by meeting her personally, reading her articles, attending her spiritual discourse or talking to her on internet chat or on phone. She humbly gives all the credit of the anubhuti ( spiritual experince ) to  Param Pujya Dr. Athavale.  Following the mission of her Guru of establishing Hindu dharmarajya on mother earth, she has been travelling across Bharat and is soon going to start her world tour .
When someone asks her, the objectives of her life she humbly replies ” My Shreeguru’s wish is the command for me and His mission, the sole objective of my life, in fact I am  born only and only for His cause” !
She is a proud Bhartiya ( Indain ) and a staunch Hindu and  believes that human birth is very

precious so it should be spent in doing sadhana (spiritual practice) and also spreading the same.
She is proud to add that Vedic Sanatan Dharma teaches us to live a sattvik lifestyle which leads to a blissful living and finally leading to trigunateet (going beyond the three basic components of sattva, raj and tam) state so not only she practices it but also loves conveying this to everyone whenever she  gets a chance.
She had a worldwide network of more than 40,000 facebook friends and subscribers in whom she initially ignited the curiousness to know about Dharma and Spirituality which ultimately led thousands to start their spiritual journey. But Facebook has been continoulsy blocking her profiles for her fearless presentation of basic tenets of Hinduism in a firm and truthful way and hence that led to making of this blog. She uses all modern equipments for spreading spirituality, wears normal clothing but her persona reflects her spiritual prowess of a very evolved sanyasi(celibate). She is a best example of yogini in maya living a detached life like a lotus in a swamp.
She has been preaching dharma and spirituality since May 1997 as per her guru’s directives. 

Initially she had been doing that under the organisation established by her Shreeguru .
And recently she has started doing it independently under the society called UPASANA HINDU DHARMOTTHAN SANSTHAN ( Upasana Socieity for Vedic Awareness ), after she got the messege from the Almighty on December 26th, 2010. She has been communicating with the Almighty from the tender age of eight .
Her devotion to her shreeguru, her sharp and sattvik intellect to decipher the implied meaning of dharmshastras, her sweet and divine voice, her command over Hindi and English language, her convincing communication skill, her simplicity, her firmness to fight against the evildoers and malpractices, her evolved sixth, her amazing healing powers, her unconditional love for every embodied soul and her beautiful persona enchants all age groups and every individual !!
She is a living example of an ideal seeker, an ideal gurubhakt, an ideal bhartiya, an ideal vedic hindu and ideal bhartiya nari . We bow before the Almighty for sending her to this earth and her Shreeguru Parampujya Dr. Athavale for moulding her as an ideal to guide us ! Shree guruve namah !
Written and contributed by seekers of Upasana.
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यस्य प्रसादादहमेव सर्वं मय्येव सर्वं परिकल्पितं च ।
इत्थं विजानामि सदात्मरूपं त्स्यांघ्रिपद्मं प्रणतोऽस्मि नित्यम ।

By whose grace that one realizes “I am everything, everything is superimposed in me, I offer my salutations and worship to my self-realised Satguru’s lotus feet.
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आवश्यक सूचना

इस ब्लाग में जनहितार्थ बहुत सामग्री अन्य बेवपेज से भी प्रकाशित की गयी है, जो अक्सर फ़ेसबुक जैसी सोशल साइट पर साझा हुयी हो । अतः अक्सर मूल लेखक का नाम या लिंक कभी पता नहीं होता । ऐसे में किसी को कोई आपत्ति हो तो कृपया सूचित करें । उचित कार्यवाही कर दी जायेगी ।

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