Wednesday, 29 August 2012

FRIENDSHIP is heart of life

‎GINGER CAN CONTROL DIABETES: STUDY MELBOURNE~ Ginger a common spice in India kitchens can manage high levels of blood sugar which create complications for long-term diabetic patients, a new study has claimed.
Research from the University of Sydney found that ginger has the power to control blood glucose by using muscle cells.
- Ginger extracts obtained from Buderim Ginger were able to increase the uptake of glucose into muscle cells independently of insulin,"Professor of pharmaceutical chemistry Basil Roufogalis who led the research said in a statement. Courtesy - Deccan Chronicle
Love is like sunshine - It brings a golden glow to its beholder's face.. And a warm feeling all over their body.. It awakens souls and opens eyes..And when its over, it leaves billions of small memories called stars..To remind the world, that it still exists. By Piyuesh
The phrase “Live and let live” means ‘You mind your business, and I will mind mine-and vice versa’…Many times we get into things that are really

none of our business and sometimes those things make us miserable…Be a good friend, but beware of entanglements…It is possible to lose yourself in someone else’s life but that is not God’s plan for you…So, sweet souls, mind your own business and endeavour to live quietly and peacefully…It’s a great way to live and to enjoy life - Joyce Meyer
Birth is first of life ,Love is part of life, Beauty is art of life, Death is the end of life...
But "FRIENDSHIP" is heart of life. By Manoj
You may fall in love with the beauty of someone But remember, finally you have to live with character, not beauty ♥ ♥

It is common to hear people saying on their deathbeds - I only want the Lord to forgive me my sins, and take me to rest ” But those who say such things forget the rest of heaven would be utterly useless if we had no heart to enjoy it!!! What could an unsanctified man do in heaven, if by any chance he got there ? Let that question be fairly looked in the face and fairly answered…No man can possibly be happy in a place where he is not in his element and where all around him is not congenial to his tastes, habits and character…When an eagle is happy in an iron cage, when a sheep is happy in the water, when an owl is happy in the blaze of

noonday sun, when a fish is happy on the dry land – then, and not only then, will I admit that the unsanctified man could be happy in heaven - J. C. Ryle
Who do you think is the hottest ’item girl’ right now ?
A Malaika Arora B Chitrangada Singh C Kareena Kapoor D Katrina Kaif
I have become a rose petal and you are like the wind for me.

वक़्त के इम्तिहान जिन्दगी के मिथक तोड़ देते हैं । और इतिहास में नित नये अध्याय जोड़ देते हैं ।
कभी लाज को त्याग मीरा श्याम की हो जाती है । कही लोक लाज के डर से राम सीता को छोड़ देते हैं ।
अनुपम गौतम ।
इंतजार इन आँखों को भी दफ़न है प्यार का । शायद लौट आये कहीं से पल बहार का ।
खुद अपनों की संगदिली के मारे हुए है ये । जिनके लि्ये जिये उनसे हारे हुए हैं ये ।

हो सके तो मरते संस्कार बचा लो । ये छत है हो सके तो इन्हें यार बचा लो ।
जो आज है ये कल को यही आप बनेंगे । आप भी कभी किसी के बाप बनेंगे ।

आवश्यक सूचना

इस ब्लाग में जनहितार्थ बहुत सामग्री अन्य बेवपेज से भी प्रकाशित की गयी है, जो अक्सर फ़ेसबुक जैसी सोशल साइट पर साझा हुयी हो । अतः अक्सर मूल लेखक का नाम या लिंक कभी पता नहीं होता । ऐसे में किसी को कोई आपत्ति हो तो कृपया सूचित करें । उचित कार्यवाही कर दी जायेगी ।

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