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feeling is pleasant

दिमाग से सम्बंन्धित रोचक तथ्य - हमारा दिमाग विचारों की 1 विचित्र फैकट्री है । इस फैकट्री के द्वारा ही हम बंदर से मनुष्य बन पाए । गुफाओं से पक्के घरों सें रहने लायक हुए । और कई वैज्ञानिक खोजे भी की । आईए इस विचित्र फैकट्री के बारे में कुछ रोचक तथ्य जानते हैं । जब आप जाग रहे होते हैं । तब आपका दिमाग 10 से 23 वाट तक की बिजली उर्जा छोड़ता है । जो कि 1 बिजली के बल्ब को भी चला सकती है । मनुष्य के दिमाग में दर्द की कोई भी नस नहीं होती । इसलिए वह कोई दर्द नहीं महसूस नहीं करता । हमारा दिमाग 75% से ज्यादा पानी से बना होता है । आपका दिमाग 5 साल की उम्र तक 95% बढ़ता है । और 18 तक पहुँचते पहुँचते 100% विकसित हो जाता है । ओर उसके बाद बढ़ना रूक जाता है । 1 गर्भवती महिला के दिमाग के न्यूरांज की गिनती 2  50   000 न्यूरान प्रति मिनट के हिसाब से बढ़ती है । आप अपने दिमाग में न्यूरांज की गिनती दिमागी क्रियाएं करके बढ़ा सकते हैं । क्योंकि शरीर के जिस भी भाग की हम ज्यादा उपयोग करते है । वह और विकसित होता जाता हैं । पढ़ने और बोलने से 1 बच्चो का दिमागी विकास ज्यादा होता है । जब आप 1 आदमी का चेहरा गौर से देखते हैं । तो आप अपने दिमाग का दायां भाग उपयोग करते है । हमारे शरीर के भिन्न हिस्सों से सूचना भिन्न रफ़्तार से और भिन्न न्यूरान के द्वारा हमारे दिमाग तक पहुँचती है । सारे न्यूरान 1 जैसे नहीं होते । कई ऐसे न्यूरान भी होते हैं । जो सूचना को 5 मीटर प्रति सैकेंड की रफ़्तार से दिमाग तक पहुँचाते हैं । और कई ऐसे भी होते हैं । जो सूचना को 120 मीटर प्रति सैकेंड की रफ़्तार से दिमाग तक पहुँचाते हैं । आपके दिमाग की Right side आपकी body के left side को जबकि दिमाग की left side आपकी body के Right side को कंट्रोल करती है । जो बच्चे 5 साल का होने से पहले 2 भाषाएं सीखते हैं । उनके दिमाग की संरचना थोड़ी सी बदल जाती है । आपके दिमाग में हर दिन औसतन 60,000 विचार आते हैं ।
Take a Deep Breath - Then Rolfing will be good. Through Rolfing breathing will become natural, and then you can continue it.
Breathing is one of the things to be looked after because it is one of the most important things.  If you are not breathing fully, you cannot live fully. Then almost everywhere you will be withholding something, even in love. In talking even, you will be withholding. You will not communicate completely; something will always remain incomplete.
Once breathing is perfect everything else falls into line. Breathing is life. But people ignore it, they don’t worry about it at all, they don’t pay it any attention. And every change that is going to happen is going to happen through the change in your breathing.
If for many years you have been breathing wrongly, shallow breathing, then your musculature becomes fixed. Then it is not just a question of your will It is as if somebody has not moved for years: legs have gone dead, the muscles have shrunk, blood flows no more. Suddenly the person decides one day to go for a long walk – it is beautiful, a sunset. But he cannot move; just by thinking it is not going to happen. Now much effort will be needed to bring those dead legs to life again.
The breathing passage has a certain musculature around it, and if you have been breathing wrongly - and almost everybody is - then the musculature has become fixed. Now it will take many years to change it by your own effort, and it will be an unnecessary waste of time. Through deep massage, particularly through Rolfing, those muscles relax and then you can start again. But after Rolfing, once you start breathing well don’t fall into the old habit again.
Everybody breathes wrongly because the whole society is based on very wrong conditions, notions, attitudes. For example, a small child is weeping and the mother says not to cry. What will the child do ? - because crying is coming, and the mother says not to cry. He will start holding his breath because that is the only way to stop it. If you hold your breath everything stops- crying, tears, everything. Then by and by that becomes a fixed thing - don’t be angry, don’t cry, don’t do this, don’t do that.
The child learns that if he breathes shallowly then he remains in control. If he breathes perfectly and totally as every child is born breathing, then he becomes wild. So he cripples himself.
Every child, boy or girl, starts playing with the genital organs because the feeling is pleasant. The child is completely unaware of the social taboos and nonsense, but if the mother or father or somebody sees you playing with your genitals they tell you to stop it immediately. And such condemnation is in their eyes you become shocked, and you become afraid of breathing deeply, because if you breathe deeply it massages your genital organs from within. That becomes troublesome, so you don’t breathe deeply; just shallow breathing so you are cut off from the genital organs.
All societies that are sex-repressive are bound to be shallow-breathing societies. Only primitive people who don’t have any repressive attitude about sex breathe perfectly. Their breathing is beautiful, it is complete and whole. They breathe like animals, they breathe like children. So many things are involved....
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Possesive love is not true love. It is so tiny it suffocates itself and it suffocates the other person too. But this has been the case up to now - love has never been inclusive. You have been taught exclusive love. But love can be inclusive. You can love the whole world.
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