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Here's a question for you - Nik

मजेदार लज्जतदार स्वाद स्वाद में कुर्रम कुर्रम.. इंगलिश ब्लाग और इंगलिश ब्लागर । मजा आ जाता है । इनको पढ कर । एक आयडिया ! जो दुनियाँ बदल दे ।
english blogger Introduction में आज ..इनका शुभ नाम है - निक @ निकोला । और सुनिये । निक की प्यारी बातें - My boring blog, thanks for having a read :)  I'm Nik and this is my website, guess it's effectively a blog. I just like having somewhere to put pictures and write about my life and passions, so this will be it :) अपने बारे में कुछ यूँ भी कहा -  Little Bit o' Bio.और इनकी Age है - 25 और ये निवासी हैं - From  Chesterfield, in the UK और इनकी Relationship Status है In a relationship. और इनके Pets है - Two doggies, one a Jack Russell and the other a Shar Pei X Malinois.और इनका Interests है - Reading, writing, video gaming, animals & nature, painting & drawing, photography, hiking. Just to add that my passion for video games cannot be matched xD I'm the biggest nerd in the entire world, you'll see that when you see all the Skyrim blogs I end up writing LMFAO - Nx और इनका ब्लाग है - Bed Hair ( CLICK HERE FOR VISIT )
और आगे पढिये । NIK की मजेदार बातें । चटपटे ख्यालात । और भी ज्यादा के लिये देखिये इनका ब्लाग ।

If you're here looking for my Anxiety Disorder webpage, it's here.
Ben's Birthday - 04/21/2012 Ben's 21st on Tuesday bitches!
So, since he can't get that day off, we're going to the pub Monday night for a few drinks, if you want, pop in and join us :)
Here's a question for you...
Why does my dog like snow, which as far as I've noticed is wet, but she won't even have a morning wee when it's raining or the ground is wet ??
She's dying for a pee but won't have one because she doesn't want to get her feet wet. So why is she looking at me like it's my fault?! xD
Ben's 21st on Tuesday bitches!
So, since he can't get that day off, we're going to the pub Monday night for a few drinks, if you want, pop in and join us :)
When I smoked - *looks in packet* "UGH! No fags left, gonna cost me another 6 quid for more."
Now I've quit - *looks in packet* "UGH, no nicotine gum left, gonna cost me another 6 quid for more." >.<

Actually nearly weed when I saw this. I'm HORRIBLE for laughing at people when they do something awesomely stupid xD
Tears. My First Prose.
Dying is a natural thing. In most cases. Living things pass away every second. Some followed by grief, sadness and longing. Some things die and no one bats an eyelid. But not the man I'm telling you about today.
This man has seen death. A lot of it. People, animals, every living thing on the earth. And when he sees it, no matter how large or small the being is, he mourns. His heart aches, he feels the sadness more than any other. Never has something died, that he has heard of or seen, that he has not mourned. For this man, has an angel's heart. Big as the ocean. Never-ending like the deepest corners of space.
But, he doesn't cry a thousand tears for them. Not ten, not even five. Whenever he sees something pass away, our man cries a single tear.
One drop. That one tear contains all the love and hope the man feels in his heart. The sadness at the loss of life. The eternal hope that these souls are taken to where they belong, somewhere peaceful, where they can rest forever. No more pain. No more fear.

But never hope for himself. Oh no. Never fear that he will one day pass over, that there is nothing beyond for him. His hope is for others. Never has a thought of himself appeared in his head. Our man is not a selfish one.
Everytime a soul passes on, a little bit of the man's heart breaks. It swell and beats with mourning. But it will never shatter. Neither will he ever shed more than a single tear.
There are rumours that he is an angel. Sent from above to feel the pain of sadness that no one else can or will. His single tear releasing a soul and lighting the way for the deep beyond. They say that should the man ever stop his cry, or cry more than a single tear, then heaven itself has become full, releasing no more souls to it's heavenly gates.
But, I'm happy to tell you, this will never happen. Our man will never stop his cry. Though, one day, he will find his love and have a family of his own, his heart will never shrink. It will never stop loving. Mourning.
One day, when the man is old and weary, the arch-angels with call him back to heaven, for it will be his time to cross over. His soul will be released.

And though he has never thought of this day himself, caring only about others, when this happens and our angel dies, the whole world and every being in it, will shed a single tear for him.
Maybe it's not a good idea to eat a week old yoghurt you find in the fridge just because you're a tight bitch xD
Feeling crappy ( no pun intented ) today. Although Ben is too with the looks of things so maybe I've poisoned both of us xD
Just added some art I'm doing at the moment to the Photos! Album and gonna put my very first prose in here too, wrote that about 5 years ago :)  Nx
When times get tough...
Found this on FB, I thought about replacing 'Economy' with 'A man's idea of' xD
Bit of a bum day today, really sucked. Was miserable most of it and deathly bored. Was gonna have a good go of Skyrim but my day went to shizz so I didn't feel like it.
Boyfriend troubles aye ? ;)
Went to zee pub with the guys and had a Bulmers or two, feel bit better now.
So tomorrow I'm not going to think about it and just stick 

on Sims 3 tomorrow, sorry, yes I do like Sims xD
Also, before I go, type in Google 'My Little Pony Mod Skyrim' and have a good laugh! ;D  - Nx
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